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August 08 2017

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What a show

0591 ca97

No dog has a better name tag than this one

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0593 aca9

How could you?

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The shadows of the past

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If you get this, I like you.

0603 ed56

Laungh in motherf**ker

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The sun. It burns

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0604 66e4

Hard to believe it’s the same person

0606 3737

Truth be told

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0608 582a

Oh Canada!

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0610 3006

Intelligence or potential should not be the measuring stick for compassion…

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0613 182b

Three-Eyed B*tch lol

0615 5952

I love GoT but they can never top it

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0616 5e23

Happy birthday!

0619 9932

When Faces In Iconic Movie Posters Are Replaced By A Dog

0621 2bf1


0626 b085

Just bro things

0629 98e2

Davos did his homework

0632 b805

I identify as a horse. Girls, you know what to do!

0633 4966

Well that’s excuses on another level right there

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