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February 06 2018

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Beautiful art.

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Deep Fried Ice Cream

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So can the pope sneeze

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Anything is a weapon if you are brave enough.

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Profit? I think having a conversation like adults will be a much better idea.

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8876 7959

Apply cold water to burned area

8912 5b4d

Chicken education matter too.

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This is happening. And it sort of makes sense.

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When you find out that Daisy Ridley has two sisters.

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8967 2d3c

It’s a TRAP!

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The Produktion of snoop dogg and dr dre still dre

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Buster Keaton gets rejected by a hatcheck girl without a word being spoken in Seven Chances (1925)

9018 4d33

Now I can die in peace

9031 c658

Swedish appliances are so rude

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The earlier you start learning a second language the easier it is, and it makes the third easier still.

9074 60b7

We are at war bro what the f**k?

9057 0602

Well, I guess no school tomorrow

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On this episode of “Life Hacks”

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Bich ass ho

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