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May 20 2017

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Sydney is a strange place

Reposted bykapitandziwnyatramentovva
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After seeing so many people with Fidget Spinners

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Alright,alright, alright!

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This guy

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Well I guess you have to look cool slaying dragons and shit… No matter how long it takes

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I’ve had enough dear!!

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I can relate to this

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Most 9Gaggers will understand.

5566 4b3b

Russian Wars

5568 403a

Men can be victims too.

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I won’t drink alcohol anymore… 5 glasses later.

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Goals AF.

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UnBEEleavable….I’ll show myself out.

5572 33e8

Guess the country

5573 1d30

Holy caca

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So you decide to join in…

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How to put a German child to bed:

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