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May 20 2017

9145 828f

Beep beep

9146 d753

Spoink used heart attack.
it’s super effective!!

9148 62d6

What martial art is this?

9150 9602


9152 9509

Thanks god

9153 34f2

I know that feel bro.

9154 08d2

This shit doesn’t fear me

9155 3a3f

The perfect metaphor

9157 9e9b

I want ‘For the damaged - coda’ playing when I enter the room.

9158 2e2a

Can’t argue dat logic

9159 6b5c

I guess I’ll never know

9160 8364

Mind blown

9161 ba0a

*sigh* “peasant” *sigh*

Reposted byQdeuStorvopper
9162 0e73

Sasa lele ?

9164 3b96

Mera in “Justice League” vs Mera in “Aquaman”

9163 cbe7

Me when I hear that PETA says that milk is a new white supremacist symbol

9165 25d2

The lorax speaks for the trees

May 19 2017

9166 d739

Dost thou even hoist, brethren?

9167 1fe4

Probably the first thing we teach the aliens too

9168 c830

Option C : Both A & B

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