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August 08 2017

0634 9003

Douchbag bran

0637 6662

I’m 25

0638 3bcf

It’s not nice making fun of a retard

0640 aee5

When Jon meet Bran.

0641 c64b

Anyone else notice this?

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0643 edca

I thought I was the only one…

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0645 a7e9

“Run away you idiot”

0647 7fd0

What nice ink and figure

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0649 a01c

When Drogon destroys your new weapon

0652 6e24

Can’t reach hot, not since the accident

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0654 5a77

Yeah boyyyyyyy

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0658 c2d5

Some history lesson

0663 3722

[Graphic] Teenager ‘eaten’ by mystery flesh eating bugs while paddling in the sea

0666 e283

Michael is one hell of a joker

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0670 6b1e

Dog puns

9586 c3fb

Look at it from a different angle.

9588 2500

Im pickle riiiiiiiick

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9590 8a2a

Gotta love the community differences

9591 30c8

When Davos asked Jon about Daenerys

9592 39e8

Funny comic about black metal

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