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August 08 2017

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Reflecting sound waves

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We know you sleep in heaven, and up there dream of us…

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7096 21ed

An Artist Left A Dress In The Dead Sea For Two Years

7098 0c12

Give this man cotton

7097 1284

Are you alright human, can l help.

7099 01e2

30 Game of Thrones Memes To Hold You Over Until the Next Episode

7100 e72a

Sideshow Bob

7101 2a5c

At least he got good manners

7102 790d

Country Facts Series: Portugal (PART 1)

7103 a0e4

I feel like there’s something poetic about this image.

7104 f50c

Deep deep

7105 89f0

I find this true. Together four years. What’s your best relationship advice?

7106 a0b0

The best image I’ve ever taken, by far

7107 8820

When you need to heat up your dinner in the library

7108 4829

Best pose ever!

7109 a827

You may look, but dont touch ok.

7110 c881

So I found this pretty interesting

7111 0e8a

Incest is wincest?

7112 0e0a

I hope she is my gf

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