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February 26 2020

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the stories are as repetitive as they are… sexy

February 24 2020

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talk about a wasteful hobby, am i right

February 21 2020

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CAUTION: CONTENTS HOT, read the coffee cup. CAUTION: CONTENTS HOT, sighed my brain as i stared at the superspy ordering a black coffee with a shot of espresso

February 19 2020

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the time: once upon a! and in they end they lived happily: ever after!

February 17 2020

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according to the super mario wiki, because YES I researched this comic to make sure my numbers were correct, mario’s first two enemies were “Donkey Kong” and “Fire”.

February 14 2020

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okay FINE but when do we get to placentalentine’s day

February 12 2020

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wait, some people DON’T see a tiny batman head that talks to them and only they can hear? haha wow

February 10 2020

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PLOT TWIST: “counting” is an adjective, and not a verb, in the phrase “counting crows”

February 07 2020

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as an antidote to social media i just reply to everyone else’s posts with a clearly-stated “lol”, regardless of post content

February 05 2020

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it’s time… for ghost dime

February 03 2020

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also can we talk about the lime green thing

January 31 2020

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i review this comic at an eleven out of ten, and the writer of it in particular at a scale-smashing fifteen hundred out of one fifteen-hundredth

January 29 2020

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the french have such classy genders for everything

January 27 2020

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it’s september 28th, 1918, and we’re in the past!! what the heck, how did THIS happen, the GPS on our phones doesn’t even work and this is baloney!!

January 24 2020

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dinosaur comics still carrying the torch for “octopodes”, the inexplicably least popular but clearly most awesome pluralization of “octopus”

January 22 2020

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who am i to mock a typo when i have created so many of them, when they are my true legacy

January 20 2020

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i hereby ban all books which at some point do NOT contain a viable recipe for stew. really hoping to dig deep into stew-adjacent literature here

January 17 2020

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this comic inspired by a real fan fiction i read where michael j fox kept kissing all his characters and i was like, when are they gonna deal with the philosophical implications of all these michaels js foxes, and also, get to the fireworks factory

January 15 2020

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comix 4 babiez

January 13 2020

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finally, a story starring a bag of the ol’ cow juice

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