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May 20 2018

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Sunday workout inspiration

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Russians get ready for heist

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Give that girl a medal!

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Where was the consent form when I needed it

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League of cancer

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Hey boss…oh about that…well, gust of wind did it

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This has happened to me three times now and it’s weird …

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6053 19cc

Does your dog bite?

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Every godamn time

6068 d7b1

What really created the classic meme

6086 d255

This generation sucks smh

6099 2e74

Flowers must be getting more expensive and scarce.

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Deserve an oscar

6138 4c41

This city broke the bro code

6126 0172

Shouldn’t we do an evolution and get them back?

6167 3e7e

The ultimate gold digger

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When the family is about to start discussing about my career

6179 1750

Terry made a bad choice

6192 9321

Just finished playing these masterpieces. Any recommendation for a story-driven game with this caliber?

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Am I buying wrong version of this game?

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